More about us

We are a couple for two years and best friends for over seven long years. Our home for now is Poland, Central Europe.

Justine is a blond hair girl with deep blue eyes, she was born in July, in turn Patrick has got dark hair and charming green eyes.

This tumblelog was established in November 2009, so we’re here for over 3 years!

There are many things we love to talk about - for example books. We’ve met thanks to Harry Potter novels, seriously. Now we’re crazy about new series called Lorien’s Legacies.

We’re crazy about some TV shows, like Glee or Shameless us. When it comes to movies, our favourites are these with Zac Efron mostly - for example “Charlie St. Cloud”. 

Fashion is the thing which we love! So that’s why we love to talk about trends, styles and brands - Burberry is our favourite (but Justine is totally in love with D&G and Prada’s clothes). Patrick works in Diesel Fashion Store, so now he likes some messy style.

Music is one of the most important part of our lives! We love listening to Whitney Houston, Michael Buble, Jamie Lidell, Marc Broussard, Florrie, Shakira, The Downtown Fiction, Owl City, Swimming with Dolphins and many, many, many more.

Well, we’re dreaming about travels to Australia, tropic islands, Canada and USA - one day we’ll be there, we promise!

That’s all folks. You can find there everything we like the most, so stay tuned! You can find us on Facebook/Twitter or ask us anything there.

Love, Justine&Patrick